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Andy Thomas has, by default in his path to the career coaching arena ( ), become adept in relationships and life coaching. Dealing with individuals and couples, alike, Andy has the uncanny knack to actively listen, thus offering the gift of an unbiased, honest perspective, along with strategies tailored to fit his clients’ needs.
Andy provides active counseling, and traveling seminars around the globe. His mission is to serve as a resource instilling confidence to move forward by identifying individual talents, interests, and passions propelling people toward the goal of professional and personal fulfillment.
Identifying and addressing the best means to handle the stresses in our lives that leave us unable to successfully attain balance between work life and personal life is a key element to his strategy.

Being a male and having coached so many women, Andy provides both men and women valuable insights that may not have been previously considered. A realization gleaned from his years of experience is that women, especially, benefit from this coaching from the male perspective. Imagine only being able to speak with someone likely only offering the same frame of reference you had entering the session. Not much in the way of positive results is likely to come of this. Andy’s honesty and candor serve to reinforce confidence and hope. His style is one of sincere compassion and understanding, providing the tools for personal growth and development, ultimately striving to set his clients on a better path to fulfillment.

  • As a mom, a wife and business owner, I am pulled in many different directions on a daily basis. I was helping my clients, marketing my law firm, arranging my work schedule to be able to volunteer at my daughter's school and trying to be a good wife. I never put myself first in any day. If I did, I felt guilty that someone else was needing me and I was saying no to that person to say yes to myself. Andy helped me put my life into perspective. He really challenged me to come to terms with it being ok to still have a successful law firm, still be a great mom and wife, but still put me first and not feel wrong about doing that. Andy did not have an easy client admittedly. But he had the patience, compassion and understood why I felt that way. In the process, my firm has become even more successful, yet I have been able to take more time for myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy and would encourage others to reach out to him as well. Wills, Trusts and Probate Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina
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Working Together
At a cross-roads with yourself, a relationship, or simply aware that something needs to give (or a lot a things need to give) in order to save a relationship? Even if you have determined the relationship may not even be worth saving, one thing is certain, YOU are worth saving, and Andy Thomas will help you through it.

Whatever the case, you deserve an honest, candid view of relationships. Andy has coached men and women, alike, seen and heard it all, and everyone can benefit from his insights. Women may be surprised at how his uniquely male perspective hones in on addressing the gamut of issues that, perhaps, another woman wouldn’t be able to fully grasp.

  • Communication – Absolutely, hands-down, the key component in any relationship. When communication breaks down, all else in the relationship follows suit. Determine how to improve communication with those you care about most
  • Affairs – Do you suspect one is happening? Are you the one who was involved in one? How to overcome the fall-out, even if one of you is a habitual offender, and move forward to determine what’s best for you.
  • Intimacy – Intimacy not just on the physical level, but on the intellectual level. It’s all intimacy. Find and explore strategies for intertwining the physical and intellectual bond in order to maintain or re-establish a healthy relationship.
  • Cuddling – You may just need a hug, but your partner doesn’t get that. It’s not so much a matter of cuddling in bed, or on the couch watching a movie, it’s our intrinsic human need for touch. Learn the significance of touch, and why the time spent together, even holding hands, is so important.
  • Sex – No, not here! Learn, or, likely, be reminded of the importance of a healthy sex life. How sex, or the lack thereof, can and will affect your relationship. Variety in your sex life should not be intimidating, and is not a topic of taboo, rather learn why it should be welcomed.
  • Boredom – Boredom with your relationship, boredom with your partner, boredom with yourself, boredom in the bedroom … If you take away one thing in this, it should be the fact that boredom is fatal to relationships. Find ways to get out of the boredom, get out of the routine, get beyond the hum-drum, revisit the spontaneity that once existed, and vow to never allow boredom back into the relationship.
  • Work-Life Balance – Think your work life and your life outside of work aren’t related? Think again. Identify ways to balance it all out. If work is boring, that boredom will lead to adverse effects elsewhere. If work is overly stressful, if it isn’t your passion, if it isn’t fulfilling, the negative results of this always find a seep into the rest of your life. The opposite applies when your relationship with a partner is stressed, adversely affecting performance at work. Attaining balance between the two will improve all aspects of your life.
  • Personal Interests – Not everything to make a relationship work needs to involve both people at all times. We have to pay attention to ourselves, too. We are all individuals, and our individual interests are part of who we are, and even part of what we find attractive in our partner. Our personal interests may be active or creative, but whichever direction our interests bend, making sure to allow time for them is therapeutic, and will have a positive effect on your relationships.
  • Divorce – The “D” word. You may be afraid that you’re headed there, it may be the lesser of two evils at this point … it may be a process in which you’re hotly involved. Anyone would be hard pressed to find someone who enjoyed it. Discover strategies to getting through it, surviving it, and reclaiming yourself.
  • Abuse/Control Issues – There is nothing easy or enviable about being in an abusive relationship. Find yourself, and acknowledge that such relationships have a ripple effect upon all the other aspects in your life, including other family members, friends, and coworkers. Identify ways to empower yourself to either break a cycle, or deter a cycle from beginning, so as to avoid the negative impacts you can and can’t see.
  • Building Self-Esteem – Even the most confident amongst us needs a boost of self-esteem from time to time. When a relationship seems to be in need of help, is struggling, and is just plain failing, self-esteem can take a serious hit. Andy Thomas is the objective, third party you need to help identify qualities or talents you may possibly not be aware of. Creating a map to reclaiming the esteem that is all but lost is quite a liberating thing.
  • Positivity – The power of positive thinking is not to be overlooked – EVER! Positive thoughts about ourselves, about our jobs, about our partners can serve to instill optimism all the way around. It’s not a matter of accepting what’s negative, it about how to change what’s negative, and find how to make it positive in your life.
  • Change – Change happens, whether we want it to happen or not … it happens. The way to deal with change in our lives is to not only accept it, not to begrudgingly utter the complacent phrase, “it is what it is,” but to learn to progress from it. Often enough, change embodies a negative connotation. Explore and determine the best ways to bounce back and gain momentum forward.
  • Dating Later in Life – Dating again after being in a long-term relationship presents challenges all over the place. Maybe it’s been years of living on your own and only now thinking it’s time to get back out there. What’s acceptable? What’s not? What to do? Who pays? How have the rules changed? Got questions? Andy will provide answers and guidance. Dating later in life shouldn’t be scary … embrace the opportunity to enjoy yourself again.
  • Internet dating – Oh, the options, the avenues, the things to be wary of. You’ve heard stories, you may even have been one of the stories the rest of us have heard. Maintaining your integrity, putting your best profile out there, and how to navigate all those pings and hits and flirts, and how to proceed beyond there.
  • Dealing with a clingy, co-dependent partner, and how not to be one – If you’ve ever dated someone like this, just the thought of a clingy person is enough to make you loathingly say, “Ugh…” One of the best ways to push someone away is to be overly clingy and overly needy of that person. Find strategies to handle someone who is that way, to slow them down if they move too fast emotionally, and how to change alter yourself if you’re on the offending side.
Thirty years in the broadcasting industry as an on-air radio talent, and the need to be flexible and resilient to the change that is inherent in the radio industry, has provided the base of Andy Thomas’ credibility as a life coach. Included in this is his ability to adapt beyond his comfort zone, diversifying his talents and passions for communicating and understanding people by shifting into career recruiting, leading him to career coaching and corporate/motivational speaking engagements around the globe. Whether on the radio, one on one, or addressing a room full of hundreds, Andy Thomas actively listens, absorbing whatever issues people bring to him. Partly his blunt, yet delicate, delivery, partly because in one way or another, he may have truly “been there, done that,” and partly his level of patience co-mingled with his appreciation for expediency, he is not one to waste time. He wants to identify problems, and feel rewarded in being an integral part of finding solutions to problems. His mission is to serve as a resource instilling confidence to move forward by identifying individual talents, interests, and passions propelling people toward the goal of professional and personal fulfillment.
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